Monday, 16 April 2012

HEA-STEM Conference April 12-13 2012

The conference was held at Imperial College London, in several different buildings. The parallel sessions were organised in subject strands. Our presentation was in the Maths, Stats and OR strand in the last set of papers.

A common theme in the conference was the need for maths to be set in context for each discipline. It is a problem compounded by the students' surprise in many subjecct areas on finding that their course includes maths. Speaker after speaker reported that students engage better with maths in context, and there was a lively discussion about the most effective way of supporting students: is it better to have a subject specialist teach the maths they need for their course, or should a mathematician tech the maths? The conclusion was that there should be several people contributing to this teaching, and that if the support is removed from the location where the problem was presented, the student is likely to be less embarrassed and may seek help more readily.

Our paper demonstrated the facilities in the QTI tools for contextualising questions, and also featured the first appearance of the LTI connector embedded in an institutional Moodle - the University of Glasgow's learning and Teaching Moodle instance.

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