Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Showcasing QTI 2.1 in QTI Works

As well as being a tool for managing, trying and delivering your own QTI assessments, QTI Works will also act as a showcase for QTI and the things it can do, much as the existing QTIEngine and MathAssessEngine already do.

With this in mind, I have started to feed Graham Smith's excellent collection of QTI examples into QTI Works, and plan to continue this process over the next few months while it takes shape.

These examples will be bundled into development snapshots of QTI Works for you to play around. So far, I have assimilated 3 sets of examples:
  • The IMS standard examples (and a few extra bits)
  • Examples demonstrating the MathAssess QTI extensions
  • A small set of example items from language testing (German & Russian)
You can play around with these at:

(Yes, it does look very spartan at the moment, but don't worry about that!)

This exercise is actually very useful for this project for a number of other reasons:
  1. It provides me with some sample data for running automated "integration tests" on the JQTI+ / QTI Works software. (For example, I feed them all of the code performing the various bits of QTI logic, such as reading in XML, validating the data models, writing out XML, running template processing, running response processing etc. This is invaluable for finding and fixing bugs, and making sure we can handle "real world" examples properly.) 
  2. As well as being useful for integration testing, they also help with so-called "regression testing", which helps make sure that I don't break things inadvertently during the development process.
  3. These examples have been around for a few years now, so this process is a good way of doing some QA on them and making sure they're right up to date with the QTI specification.

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