Monday, 16 April 2012

LTIQuizzes update

During our presentation at the HEA STEM Conference I demonstrated LTIQuizzes through the VLE at Glasgow University. LTIQuizzes was playing on our Amazon EC2 virtual server, however to the audience it just looked like I was setting up and using a normal Moodle module. For specialist software this is a great system, because it can be part of the main VLE as far as staff and students are concerned, however safely isolated so that it doesn't put core services at risk, or require the same platform as the VLE. Moodle is a conventional LAMP stack application, while LTIQuizzes runs under Tomcat - they could run on the same server, but they use quite different technologies so it's much nicer keeping them on separate machines.

LTIQuizzes isn't really intended for production use, but it does show what is possible. For now storage is to files rather than a database, and the QTI engine is APIS, which only supports a subset of QTI. Database storage, full LTI 1.1 support as well as the LTI 1.0 extensions for VLE persistence and course membership will all be supported very soon, and the LTI section of the code can easilly be reused by other applications. (I'm also developing PHP and C# vaersions of the LTI classes.)

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