Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dissemination and Wider Collection of Profile Examples

QTI Roadshows

We had a very busy few weeks of dissemination last month, with the Roadshows at Strathclyde and Southampton, followed by the CAA2011 Conference at which several members of the team were presenting. We were able to demo the current versions of the tools and show some more sophisticated question types used in a number of different contexts.


As part of the profiling work, we are collecting examples of questions and tests to create a profile of users’ requirements. Although we have within the team a number of lecturers and tutors who use these resources with classes, we are conscious that there are many more disciplines out there that may have new and interesting variations on the kinds of questions that may be set. To get the widest coverage we can, we are asking you as users (and potential users) of e-assessment to contribute to our collection any questions, tests, or descriptions of these, which you as would like to be able to use. The intention is to explore the way in which these relate to the QTIv2.1 specification and extend the profile to include as many of these requirements as possible.

Just a reminder that the QTIv2.1 specification provides a variety of interactions which produce input that may be textual, numerical, graphical or selection type. Flexible feedback can be provided, targeted at the individual student’s response. Questions and tests can have several interrelated parts, and input from one part can be carried over into later parts of the question and may affect the behaviour of both the question and the test.

Examples are welcome from across education, but we are concentrating on the college and university environment. They can relate to any discipline or topic area, and may bring together several of these.

If you have examples in QTI format, they would be very welcome additions to the collection; we can convert resources submitted as QTIv1.2 to QTIv2.1 (using facilities openly available at http://code.google.com/p/qtimigration/ . However, if your examples are in other formats, or in the form of descriptive documents, please contribute them too, and we will investigate how they could be implemented in QTI.

Please contact Sue Milne (email: sue.milne@e-learning-services.org.uk) for further information, or to contribute your examples. Many Thanks!