Monday, 18 April 2011

Initial Activities and Dates for your Diary

The QTI-IPS team had its first face-to-face meeting in Glasgow on 06/04/2011. We were able to spend some time on the Project Plan, particularly the workpackages, with the aim of ensuring that all the tasks we have said we will do are covered by the plan. We shall have plenty to do, but we can draw on resources already in existence from previous projects and our ongoing activities. In particular we have:

  • 3 different renderers for QTI: MathAssessEngine, JAssess and SToMPII

  • The Spectatus test authoring application, which will be extended for packaging items and tests

  • QTICat for profile building

  • QTITalk for documentation

  • A growing collection of items and tests, demonstrating the specification

  • Contact with and support from colleagues in the wider QTI community and beyond.

We’ll be using a Virtual Machine (VM) to bundle all the tools, examples and other facilities, prior to deployment on the Amazon Cloud. The renderers are currently being brushed up ready for use in the VM and the other tools are under construction.
Meanwhile, work on the profiling aspect of the project is under way, with a list of elements and attributes for the profile in preparation, along with some examples to demonstrate the profile.

We have already had some support contacts through the public lists, and of course we expect that this aspect of the project will increase as time goes on. There will be two QTI Roadshow events in the early summer – one at Strathclyde on June 2nd and another at Kingston around the same time. These events will give users an overview of the capabilities of QTIv2.1 and the renderers and other tools and will enable participants to talk to the team about adopting QTI in their teaching.