Monday, 23 July 2012

CETL-MSOR Conference / New Partners

Following on from CAA, we put in an appearance at the CETL-MSOR Conference in Sheffield. Although we were not presenting, it was useful to join the meeting and hear about delegates' experiences in assessing mathematics, statistics and operational research.

A recurring theme was the need for assessment resources in statistics in service teaching across a wide variety of disciplines and at all levels. A selection of resources which would begin to address this need will be rebuilt from the CALMAT question collection for a Glasgow University module this autumn.

We were able to add another informal partner to QTI-PET following a lunch-time discussion during the conference. So during the week we welcomed 5 new partners on board, bringing us to a total of 12 QTI-PET partners who will help us to pilot the tools and feed back to us about their experiences. We are arranging a series of training sessions to get everyone up to speed with the tools in time to get some material in front of students this coming semester.

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